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Frequently Asked and Answered Questions

This will grow over time, but here they are, by topic:

Cedar Arrow Shafts

Q - What do the numbers and marks written on the shafts mean?

A - The 2-digit number is the spine weight, indicating the flexibility of the shaft. The 3-digit number is the weight of the shaft in grains. If there is more than one of either number, the shaft was checked more than once and the number furthest down the stick is the most recent. If there is an "X" marked on the shaft, some kind of fault was noticed during the checking process; the shaft should be useable, but you should inspect it carefully before making it into an arrow.

Q - I ordered 32# shafts. Why are the shafts I received marked 30#?

A - Our spine-tester differs from almost everyone else's by just over 2#. We know what our numbers mean, and we don't want to re-spine every shaft we have on-hand, so we adjust accordingly.


Q - What forms of payment do you accept?

A - We happily accept: personal checks, money orders and traveler's checks (by mail or in person); cash (in person); and credit cards through PayPal.