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arrows and bolts Susan Kell
has been doing calligraphy and illumination for years, and has done needlework and various jewelry and crafts all her life. She has competed in traditional archery with her Black Widow TA-2 recurve, her Welchman yew longbow, and her medieval-style crossbow since the 1980's, and for some time held the N.A.A. Indoor record for her division. In the Society for Creative Anachronism, Susan is known as Baroness Ygraine of Kellswood; there she is a high-ranking archer, the archery Scorekeeper for the East Kingdom, a frequent teacher of the scribal arts, and has created many award scrolls for SCA members.

ad for cedar from kellswood krafts Richie Monroe
is a long-time archer, traditional fletcher and tuner (exorcist?) of medieval-style crossbows. He is a black belt in Washin Ryu karate, a Registered Nurse, and an avid motorcyclist. He is also an accomplished songwriter, singer and guitarist, and his first album is available at Bard Wire Productions. In the SCA, Richie is known as Master Li Kung Lo. He serves the group as a "chirurgeon" (medic) and is an archer of great reknown and a coach of champions.