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Archery: Custom Fletching

As of 2005, we are not taking on any new custom fletching orders. We are just too busy processing cedar, keeping up with our own fletching, and teaching other folks how to fletch! However, this photo shows what some of our custom fletching work looks like.

arrows and bolts

The 5 arrows and 4 bolts shown are all made from 5/16" Port Orford cedar shafting and fletched with Trueflight left-wing parabolic feathers. The painted stripes are our shop crest. The arrows all have "speed" nocks, though snap-ons are also available. From left to right:
#1 has 4" clipped fletch; no cresting.
#2 has 4" unclipped fletch; no cresting.
#3 & #4 have 4" unclipped fletch; crested.
#5 has 4" clipped fletch; crested.
#6 & #7 have 4" clipped fletch; crested.
#8 has 3" unclipped fletch; crested.
#9 has 3" clipped fletch; no cresting.