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"Reunion" - music by Richie Monroe & friends

Possibly the most eclectic album you'll ever hear by the same group of musicians! Folk, Blues, Country, Medievally-styled Ballads, Rock -- it's all here.

Featuring: Maureen "Mo" Fleming, Carolyn Pfeffer Johnston, Susan Kell, Richie Monroe, David L. Sparr, Bill van Pelt, Jeff Webb, Audrey White, Christopher Woitach.

CD Program: (1) Sunset Nostalgia (2) Requiem (3) The Woodsman's Lay (4) The Queen of Faerie's Fee (5) Goody's Song (6) Donahue (7) The Soldier's Last Song (8) Le Pela Finde (9) Summertime (10) Family (11) Po' Cat Blues (12) Rock Star (13) Reunion

For more information, including music clips and lyrics to all the songs, visit: www.bardwire.com/reunion.htm

Our Item No.: Reunion
Price: $ 15.00