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Glove: "No-Glove"

Glove: A great solution for people who can't find a glove small enough, or for anyone having trouble with "nock pinch". The No-Glove is installed on the bow string, and the space between the two pieces ensures clearance above and below the nock. No nocking point is needed on the string.

From the package: "Pat.2,910,058; Protects the Fingers; Even Pressure On More of the Fingers; Eliminates Tabs and Gloves; Positive Nocking Point; No Finger Pinching of Nock; Smoother and Free Release of Arrow; Form Fit for Fingers; Just String Them On With a Hair Pin and Pliers; Use Wax on String."

Manufactured By: Bender

Our Item No.: NoGlove
Price: $ 3.50