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Custom Enamel Pieces

Laurel/Pelican pendant
Custom commissioned work is eagerly welcomed!

Get in touch by e-mail to describe what you have in mind and we can work out the design together. Most work can be done with about 1 month of lead time.

Laurel pendant for a falconer

Peerage badges, personal heraldry and household badges can be created in cloisonne enamel as pins or pendants or plaques to be sewn onto cloaks or other garments. They can be designed to match a persona time period and culture.

Pelican pin

Shown on this page are some examples of such pieces, to give you an idea of what is possible.

Pricing depends upon the complexity of the design and setting, and the setting materials used.

Laurel pin with personal Arms Ludicrous Bowman pendant pair of Laurel/Pelican cloak plaques

Pricing examples: